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Accident Tracker

Complete Fleet Accident Visibility

Accidents are an unfortunate part of any fleet operation and often the incident itself is just the beginning of the challenge for fleet managers. The fallout can be lengthy and hard to keep track of, from fact-gathering to processing insurance claims and, of course, the cost. A lot of small things can become one big headache – but Interleasing’s Accident Tracker platform helps make the process easier.


Press-of-a-Button Accident Data

Accident Tracker gives you fast and full visibility into fleet accident data, including:
•    The time of the accident 
•    Who the driver is  
•    The type of accident
•    The average cost of repair  
•    The average days off the road  
•    The status of claims


Empowered Fleet Management

From ascertaining high-risk drivers and those that might benefit from more training, to quickly gauging the financial and operational impacts of accidents, Accident Tracker helps you to make informed decisions to optimise your fleet.


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