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Fleet Inspect

Complete Visibility – No More Surprises

When a vehicle comes to the end of its lease, there are certain things you expect – like general wear and tear – but unreported damage is an unwelcome surprise to any fleet manager. This digital solution provides fleet managers with visibility on the condition of their fleet throughout the life of the lease, so issues can be proactively managed as they arise. A helpful tool for both driver allocated and pool vehicles. As soon as an incident is reported, you’ll know which vehicles have been impacted and where costs are to be allocated.

There are no surprises, just peace of mind. 


Visibility and Assurance

Forget paper forms, inaccuracies and lack of accountability – Fleet Inspect gives fleet managers:

  • An online platform with a dashboard and detailed vehicle inspection reports with date and time stamped photos
  • Visibility into fleet condition at any point in time
  • The ability to establish an auditing schedule making it easy for drivers to undertake their inspections
  • Control over user logins and allocation provisions for accurate and secure reporting
  • Real time alerts for new damage to a vehicle as it is reported
  • Greater understanding of potential end of lease financial impact
  • The ability to identify and rectify potential safety and reputational risks, including replacing lost items from vehicles
  • The opportunity to establish a ‘self-report’ culture that values safety and honesty
  • Data to determine where further education and training could be offered for drivers involved in repeat incidents

Easy Reporting in the Driver’s Pocket

On the driver side, the simple and intuitive app makes vehicle condition reporting easy. Drivers log in to the app on their phone and complete the simple step-by-step inspections as required, date and time stamped photos are uploaded and safely stored, all available to be reviewed at any time by the fleet manager.


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