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A guide to managing fleet risk

The first step to managing fleet risk: stay informed

While there are obvious risks that come with running a fleet, some are easy to overlook. Understanding just what all the risks are is the first step to managing and mitigating fleet risks with a holistic approach to policy and practice.

To help fleet managers identify potential ‘blind spots’, we’ve created a comprehensive guide, covering four key risk areas that can each have a significant impact on fleet operations.  

  Financial risk

  Reputational risk

  Human resource risk

  Legal risk

We’ve covered off everything from grey fleets to data protection to give you a better handle on all the risks associated with running your fleet.

In this guide we take a deep dive into all the considerations required to manage and reduce overall risk, as well as the day-to-day decisions and activities that need to be included in a fleet policy.

Download the complete guide to managing fleet risk


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