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Making sense of data with Metro Trains

With hundreds of vehicles in their inventory, Metro Trains had a significant challenge on their hands with so many sources of data.

Simplifying reporting and procurement while saving money

“The Interleasing team pulled together the raw data and produced valuable insights from it,” says Lukas Stevens, Fleet Manager with Metro Trains. “This enabled us to see where our budget was going, come up with benchmark pricing for vehicles and a realistic target for reducing costs. It was also important to know which vehicles were in demand and which were underused. As we have a high number of vehicles due for replacement each month, it makes a big difference knowing what we do need and don’t need in our fleet.”

The negotiating advantages of Interleasing’s purchasing power also had an impact on the budget bottom line for Lukas. Plus, there were big savings in time and complexity for his team when Interleasing stepped in to support acquisition for big ticket commercial vehicles. “They bring a lot of expertise to the process,” says Lukas. “They know what information they need to gather for requirements and make sure that nothing gets overlooked. So the vehicle you get meets your needs. They’re genuine experts in fleet management, which has brought benefits for us in strategic reporting, fleet efficiency and overall cost savings.”

“Our inventory was very much a mixed bag. We needed a standard base vehicle we could customise to suit the needs of different business units. Interleasing played a central role in developing a specification, sourcing options and delivering a solution for a competitive price.” Lukas Stevens Fleet Manager, Metro Trains

Driving outcomes

With the support of Interleasing, Metro Trains have been able to realise greater value from their existing fleet. 

Driving Outcomes

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