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What sparked our interest at the Melbourne EV Show

28 November 2023 2:30

EV car

After a ten-year hiatus, Australian motor shows are back with an electric spin. The Melbourne EV Show, hosted by Carsales, was held at the Melbourne Exhibition Centre over two days in September. The Interleasing team went along with some of our valued clients from Australian Red Cross, City Facilities, Metro Trains, NECA and Royal Flying Doctor Service. The theme of the showcase was ‘The Future is Electric’, which is why this was the perfect event for organisations who are at different stages on their fleet EV transition journey.


“We were excited by the extensive range of EVs now on offer to fleet and personal buyers. The show not only had EVs on display, but also a range of electric charging suppliers, e-bikes and e- scooters. Presenters were happy for attendees to get behind the wheel of the EVs and were most informative on key questions including KM charge range capability and time to charge.”

Chris Mead, Deputy Manager (Property, Procurement & Fleet), Australian Red Cross


Here are the Interleasing team’s key takeaways from the showcase.


There are more electric cars available than you might expect

The EV Show introduced several EV models available now or coming soon to the market. For fleets looking for smaller vehicles, the standouts were the Hyundai Kona and the GWM Ora. The electric market for SUVs is also growing, as shown through the new Polestar 3 and the Kia EV 9. However, there are many more EVs on offer you could choose for your fleet.

What was most interesting was the fully electric truck on display from JAC Motors. The N55 EV truck is designed as an eco-friendly choice for Australian urban delivery applications and was an impressive sight to see.


Australian charging infrastructure is improving

It’s well acknowledged that Australia is behind the rest of the world in EV uptake, and this is largely due to a lack of infrastructure. Our land size means Australians are prone to ‘range anxiety’ which deters them from making the switch. At the EV Show, there were several exhibitors and speakers focused on putting this anxiety at ease. While Australia may not be where we need to be to support a country of EVs, investment is there, and we are well on the way, just like the supply of new EV models.


Everyone is excited about FBT (Fringe Benefits Tax) exemptions

There was a lot of talk at the EV Show about the Australian Government Electric Car Discount - from environmentalists, to motoring journalists, to the Managing Director of Polestar Australia. Currently, many EV models have a higher price tag than their ICE counterparts, but as many experts pointed out, the EV Discount program and FBT exemptions are increasing EV affordability.

The EV Discount can potentially lead to thousands in cost savings for driver-allocated fleet vehicles. It’s a win-win for employers and employees when it comes to boosting the uptake for electric vehicles.


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