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Interleasing Partner Wins Top Gong at 2020 Fleet Awards

Congratulations to Paul Sor of Australian Red Cross on being named Fleet Manager of the Year at the 2020 AfMA Fleet Management Awards.

Paul’s award is recognition for having designed and implemented a comprehensive fleet management program in a very short timeframe, transforming the entire Red Cross fleet and delivering significant benefits to their employees and the communities they serve.

As provider of fleet management solutions to Red Cross, Interleasing worked closely with Paul and his team throughout the program.

“With the insight and expertise we have in the fleet industry we were able to help Red Cross look at their fleet from a different perspective and offer some solutions,” says Matthias Kehle, Interleasing’s General Manager of Sales and Customer Relations.

Bruno Hrstic, Interleasing Relationship Manager, says one of the main benefits in utilising a fleet management organisation is execution. ”It’s pivotal in any plan. Interleasing uses a five-pillar framework that helps deliver on the plan.”

Paul’s program – which included replacement of their ageing fleet and a 25% reduction in vehicle count – netted a raft of financial and environmental savings, as well as safety gains. Benefits included decreased servicing, maintenance and fuel-usage costs, lower insurance premiums, reduced vehicle emissions and 100% driver compliance.

“It’s a great honour to be considered for an award, let alone winning it,” Paul says. “It confirms we are on the right track with how we are operating our fleet.”

Paul adds Interleasing played a critical part in assisting Red Cross. “They looked for innovative ways to service us that were meaningful, timely and effective to improve our operations and achieve a common goal of supporting those that support vulnerable Australians.”

With exponential change anticipated over the next five years, Paul expects Interleasing to continue challenging Red Cross to review, refine and redesign their processes, while helping them to form new partnerships, minimise their environmental impact and ensure driver safety.

Hear more about Paul’s journey in this video.

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